17 January 2013

Tweezerman Pushy Review

Tweezerman PushyTweezerman Pushy 3

Pin ItI never used a metal tool before I used the Tweezerman Pushy.  I always used orange sticks (or - gasp - my nails) to push back my cuticles.  THIS IS SO MUCH EASIER!  I don’t know why I steered clear of metal tools, perhaps I thought they would be too harsh, but only minimal effort is required to push by my cuticles after I get out of the shower when I used the Pushy.  And my cuticles ACTUALLY MOVE when I use the Pushy, unlike when I use orange sticks - they just kind of “smush” back.  Plus I love the round tip to get in the corners - after all, who has square nails?

Have you tried any Tweezerman Nail Tools?
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