14 February 2013

China Glaze In The Mood “Mystery Polish #1”

China Glaze In The Mood 1China Glaze In The Mood 3China Glaze In The Mood 4China Glaze In The Mood 2China Glaze In The Mood 5

I have another China Glaze In The Mood polish to share with you today!  After I showed you this In The Mood polish, many of you wanted to see more.  Unfortunately most of the ones I have left don’t have any names on them! 

Again, this one does not seem to change colors, but it does look very different in natural sunlight versus artificial light.  The first four pictures were taken outside in full sun, and the last was taken under my Ott light.  In the bottle the polish looks like it does in the last picture.

Any other of my China Glaze aficionados have an In The Mood polish that looks like this one?  Do you know what the name of it might be?  Based off of the list on the China Glaze Wiki, I am guessing this polish is “Brown to Gold.”  Really, I have no clue!

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