08 March 2013

Hard Candy Candy Sprinkles ♥ Swatches and Review

Candy Sprinkles

Hard Candy recently released five new polish lines that are available exclusively at Walmart and retail for $3.97 each!  Each line includes 9 polishes for a total of 45 new polishes!

The first line is called Candy Sprinkles.  It is comprised of nine milky glitters and is  definitely the line I was most excited about!  I received four to review, and purchased three more (Cocoa Smore, Jelly Bean Blue and Gummy Green).  The polishes I didn’t pick up were Sweet Tooth (which you can see on Enamel Girl here) and Peach Pop (which you can see on Vampy Varnish here).  I really want Sweet Tooth - I am not sure why I didn’t pick it up the first time I went to Walmart!  It must have been sold out is all I can think.

Hard Candy Pixie PinkHard Candy Cotton Candy Pink

Pixie Pink has a pale lilac pink milky base and is filled with pink,silver and teal glitter.  This one looked good after two coats, but I did a third coat out of habit.

Cotton Candy Pink has a cotton candy pink base and it is filled with pink, silver and blue glitter.  I have said many times that I don’t like baby pinks…  but I love this color combo!  This one required two coats.

Hard Candy Gummy GreenHard Candy Jelly Bean Blue

Gummy Green has a mint milky base and it is filled with silver and black glitter.  This was one of the polishes I drove strait to Walmart to purchase when I realized I didn’t receive it for review.  I wore this one as a full mani for two days and loved it!  Here I used three coats.

Jelly Bean Blue has a pale blue milky base and is filled with silver, blue and navy glitter.  I really liked this one!  I used two coats.

Hard Candy Pink TaffyHard Candy Sugar Rush

Pink Taffy has a bright pink milky base and it is filled with red, silver and black glitter.  This was the only one out of the entire bunch that I really didn’t care for.  Here I used two coats.

Sugar Rush  has a white milky base and it is filled with black and silver glitter.  It made me think of Dalmatian puppies when I applied it!  This one required three coats.

Hard Candy Cocoa SmoreHard Candy Cocoa Smore vs. Nails Inc Sugar House Lane

Cocoa Smore has a milky taupe base and it is filled with black and silver glitter.  It is a dupe for Nails Inc. Sugar House Lane.  The major difference between the two is Sugar House Lane was much denser and harder to apply.  I used two coats for Sugar House Lane and one for Cocoa Smore.

Sugar House Lane is from the Nails Inc. Sprinkles Collection that was released a few months ago.  The biggest difference between the Hard Candy Candy Sprinkles polishes and the Nails Inc. Sprinkles Collection (besides the price!) was the formula.  They were intended to look the same, but the formula on the Hard Candy is so much better!  When I wore the Nails Inc. polishes, they were difficult to apply, and popped off my nails in sheets within hours of applying them.  I had no sign of that happening with the Hard Candy polishes… in fact they were a complete PITA to remove!

Have you picked up any of the Candy Sprinkles?  Which one is your favorite?
Stay tuned for more polishes from Hard Candy!
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