06 March 2013

Hard Candy Crush on Amethyst vs. Mr. Wrong - Are They Dupes?

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When I first heard that Hard Candy was discontinuing their Just Nails line of  polishes, my first thought was “Oh no!  What about Mr. Wrong?”  Then I found out that Hard Candy was replacing their polishes with a whole new lineup!  And even better - there seemed to be a Mr. Wrong replacement!

Hard Candy Crush on Amethyst vs Hard Candy Mr Wrong 3Hard Candy Crush on Amethyst vs Hard Candy Mr WrongHard Candy Crush on Amethyst vs Hard Candy Mr Wrong 4

Crush on Amethyst is from the Hard Candy Crushed Chromes collection.  In the bottles they look very similar, but on the nail the differences are obvious!  Crush On Amethyst looks much more silvery purple on the nail, while Mr. Wrong the gold is what stands out the most.  Also Crush on Amethyst is denser and only required two coats, while Mr. Wrong has a sheer base and requires three coats.

Overall I am glad they are different, but I still feel bad that an awesome polish like Mr. Wrong has been discontinued!  You can get your own bottle of Crush on Amethyst at your local Walmart!

Do you buy Mr. Wrong before it was too late?  

Stay tuned for more new Hard Candy polishes!
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