07 March 2013

Mont-Bleu Glass Nail Files Review


A good glass nail file (also known as crystal nail files) is not easy to find.  Some are too rough, some break too easily.  Some are only ONE SIDED!  How dumb is that?  Unfortunately good nail files are not inexpensive either.  My favorite glass nail files until recently were made by Nail Tek but at almost $17.00 there weren’t exactly cheap!

So when I had the chance to try high quality glass nail files from the Czech Republic that were encrusted with real Swarovski Crystals and were the less expensive than my Nail Tek files, I was so excited!  Who doesn’t want Swarovski Crystals all over everything? 

Mont-Bleu has nail files starting at $5.00 and up.  They are able to keep their prices low because they actually produce the products they sell themselves, so there is no middleman!  They only use high quality Czech glass and Swarovski Elements.  I received two files - the full size Snowflake file ($14.00) and the mini Bubbles file ($11.20).


Each of the files is a breeze to use.  I can easily take down length or just buff the edges with ease.  I love using the mini file to round the edges of my nails.  I also love how the designs make the files stand out.   I am really good at losing nail files too, but I have found that I know where these are at all times!

Mont-Bleu has very affordable shipping.  If you were to place an order for these today the shipping would only be $4.20.  I love that they don’t mark up the shipping!  Although these came to me all the way from the Czech Republic, they arrived very quickly and were packaged snuggly in bubble wrap in their little box.

Here are a few more of the nail files from the Mont-Bleu website that caught my eye…


Can you tell I have a thing for blue?  Pick out your favorites on their website, http://www.design-glassware.com.

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