08 April 2013

A Few Bond Girls… And I’m Not Dead

Hello all!  I don’t want to sound like every other blogger out there when I say I didn’t expect this long break in blogging to happen… it just kind of happened!  I took a few days off from work for my birthday to hang out with the best husband in the world… and ended up coming down with bronchitis.  I didn’t really get sick until the day before I went back to work, and I couldn’t stay home from work because MY boss was on vacation… So I had to be at my store when I shouldn’t have been, because I was so sick.  Whenever I came home from work I had absolutely no energy and I couldn’t stand the thought of sitting at my desk and writing a post.  Hell, I couldn’t even paint my nails because the fumes made me sick to my stomach.  Then when I did feel better, I still didn’t want to paint my nails or even think about my blog!
I am trying to get back in the swing of things, slowly.  Most likely I will not be back to posting 5 or 6 times a week, but I will be posting! 

Enough whining, let’s see some polish.  In the midst of my sickness, I received the Bond Girls Liquid Sand polishes from OPI.  I have only swatched two of them so far, the ones that stood out to me the most:  Honey Rider and Jinx.

OPI Honey Ryder OPI Honey Ryder OPI Honey Ryder OPI Honey RyderOPI Jinx OPI Jinx OPI Jinx OPI JinxOPI Jinx OPI Jinx

I’m not unusually into orangey-red polishes, but the gold in Jinx is amazing.  AMAZING.  If you pick up any of the OPI Bond Girl polishes, pick up Jinx!
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