30 May 2013

Alessandro Sweet Blackberry ♥ Swatches & Brand Review

Alessandro Bottle

New brand alert!  Alessandro, also known as the sister brand to Tweezerman, is one of the leading luxury nail polish and hand care brands in Europe that has officially crossed the ocean to launch  in the USA! 

Alessandro Bottle Alessandro Bottle

I am just going to come out and say it - this is not the most interesting color that Alessandro makes, so I am going to review the brand as a whole.  The bottle is short and wide with a large black cap, decorated with the Alessandro peacock on top.  The cap is almost the size of the bottle, which I thought would make it difficult to hold, but I found that the place for your thumb made it very easy to hold.

Alessandro Sweet Blackberry Alessandro Sweet Blackberry Alessandro Sweet BlackberryAlessandro Sweet Blackberry Alessandro Sweet Blackberry

The shade I received to review was Sweet Blackberry, a dusty rose shimmer with tiny blue and pink twinkling particles.  Gorgeous finish, but dusty rose?  Not my cup of tea!  Lovely formula, though slightly thin, it required three coats.  The combination of the handle and the short, wide brush made the polish very easy to control. 

Just because I received this color to review doesn’t mean Alessandro only makes boring colors!  I really loved the dusty lilac shade that from Harshleen from Beauty Tidbits received, but she didn’t!  That’s why Alessandro has 99 shades for you to choose from on their US website, where they retail for $12.00 each.

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