04 May 2013

Beauty Spotlight: polish insomniac's Desert Island Picks

If you have been following the latest installment of the Beauty Spotlight Team, then you know each weekend we feature a member’s “Desert Island Picks.”  These are 10 beauty related items that you absolutely could not live without if you were stranded on a desert island.  Please note - it is already assumed that everyone has lip balm and sunscreen!
  1. Sunglasses - a great close fitting pair that will protect your eyes will also prevent squinting.  Squinting = crows feet!  Now I don't really own sunglasses that are this expensive, but a girl can dream!
  2. A good cleanser - you have to get all the aforementioned sunscreen off somehow!  This one from Neutrogena is effective yet gentle.
  3. Argan oil - I don't really go for the name brand ones, but I do like that argan oil is multipurpose - you can use it on your skin, nails and hair.  I especially like to use it under my eyes!  
  4. Cleansing conditoner - like a two-in-one shampoo, but better!  I have pledged my love to this one from L'Oreal many, many times
  5. Revlon Lip Butter - shade number 01 Pink Truffle is so moisturizing, I put it on before I go to bed!
  6. I just picked up this wide floppy straw hat from Target.  I look very dashing in it, according to my husband!
  7. Dental floss wand thingies - because I wasn't going to give up two spots to a toothbrush and toothpaste!  Though I would add a tongue scraper... (I know, TMI)
  8. Borage oil is amazing!  This lotion from ShaKai treats so many skin problems - eczema, sunburn, rashes... I have even used it on my face went I went overboard with retinol products!
  9. A straw tote to fit it all in - you didn't think I was going to carry everything in my hands, did you?  I found this one on the Target website... I am definitely checking it out next time I am in store!
  10. Ok, this one is sappy...  my hubby!  Who else would I want to spend time on a desert island with?  He helped me come up with all the "practical" items on my list - which is why I don't have glitter nail polish or Zoya Remove+ on here!

Me, DH, and our favorite ferret who passed away.
What would your desert island picks be???
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