28 May 2013

Makeup Wars: Favorite Sunscreen

This week edition of Makeup Wars is EASY - what's your favorite sunscreen? It didn't take me more than 5 seconds to grab my two bottles of Elta MD and snap a picture of them!

I became aware of this brand through the infamous Pink Sith (you can see her review here). I immediately figured out a way to use my healthcare flex card to purchase two bottles on drugstore.com - the UV Lotion SPF 30 (for body) and the UV Daily Broad-Spectrum SPF 40 (for face). Of course, I make sure every time I shop on drugstore.com (or its sister-site, beauty.com) I go through Ebates, so I can get paid to shop!

I love the facial sunscreen for several reasons:
  • It doesn't smell strongly of sunscreen
  • It is white but blends into skin easily
  • It's moisturizing (great for dry skin)
  • It contains HA to plump up any fine lines I may or may not have!

I recently became obsessed with another SPF product - Supergoop! SPF 30 Lip Balm, which comes in either AcaiFusion or MintFusion. They both smell delicious, but the Mint one mysteriously disappeared once my husband tried it, so the AcaiFusion has found a permanent home in my purse. I love it because it has great slip yet still lasts long on my lips - I can go almost two hours without reapplying, which for me is a very long time. The best part is that it doesn't smell or taste like SPF!

Check out the favorite sunscreens of the rest of the Makeup Wars bloggers below!

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