18 May 2013

My $6 ULTA Haul

DH and I try to take every Thursday off together.  We hang out, run errands, and generally just spend time together - which is why I rarely blog on Thursdays.  This past Thursday we needed to go to the mall, and I had an ULTA 20% off one item coupon burning a hole in my pocket, so off to ULTA we went!  

I knew I wanted to pick up a new bottle of Not Your Mother's Kinky Moves Hair Defining Cream (longest name EVER), which ULTA just started carrying.  It is one of my favorite make-my-hair-curly products (the other being DermOrganic Defining Whip) and it was only sale for $4.99!  While browsing the salon polishes I came across Orly Pretty Ugly - I had been resisting picking this one up because I can't stand the hideous new Orly bottles, but when I saw the polish in person I caved.

Then I wondered over to the new drugstore displays, which were practically non-existent.  I don't understand why my ULTA doesn't put out limited edition displays, it's like they pretend they don't exist!  I did find a display of Sally Hansen Salon Effects that had a $2.00 coupon book attached to it, but none of the strips really sang out to me... that it until I found the clearance section.  I found several boxes of InstaGel Strips marked down to $3.69!  Take $2.00 off and I paid practically pennies for them!

On a whim I also picked up an Essence dotting tool on my way to the register.  After my coupons my total was hovering near the $20 mark, but in a stroke of brilliance I remembered to use my ULTA points before they expired, bringing my total down to $6.00.  Best ULTA trip in a very, very long time!

What drugstore products have you hauled lately?
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