29 May 2013

Salon Perfect Neon Collision Collection ♥ Swatches and Review

Salon Perfect Neon Collision

Salon Perfect, a brand available exclusively at Walmart, is releasing an awesome, matte neon glitter jam-packed polish collection for summer called Neon Collision that you need to purchase ASAP!

Salon Perfect KaboomSalon Perfect KaboomSalon Perfect Kaboom

Kaboom is a collision of turquoise and yellow neon matte glitter.  Yes, it’s the Floam dupe!  A dupe that’s only $3.98, I might add!

Salon Perfect BangSalon Perfect BangSalon Perfect Bang

Bang is a collision of orange and yellow neon matte glitter.  It’s fruity and happy!

Salon Perfect ExplodedSalon Perfect ExplodedSalon Perfect Exploded

Exploded is a collision of reddish orange and yellow neon glitter.

The Salon Perfect® Neon Collision collection includes three other shades:
• Jolt – Yellow and orange collision
• Shocked – Hot pink and turquoise collision
• Zapped – Yellow and turquoise collision

The release date is set for June, but many of my Facebook and Instagram followers have reported purchasing them already.  I really, really, really can’t wait until my Walmart stocks the other three polishes in this collection, because they are all made of awesome!

All of the polishes were slightly thick, but easy to apply.  However, I would advise against using Seche Vite with this polish - after 24 hours, my polish began popping off in one solid piece.  It looked just like a press-on nail!  This often happens when polishes consist of all glitter and no pigment.  Not to worry, a non-quick dry top coat should solve the problem!  And if it doesn’t, just reapply your “press-on nail” with Orly Smudge Fixer.  Just apply it to the back of the polish (like glue) and pop it back on on your nail bed!
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