14 May 2013

Stamping Products from MoYou Nails

MoYou Stamping SuppliesMoYou Stamper and ScraperMoYou Nails ScraperMoYou Nails Image Plate 69MoYou Nails Image Plate 75MoYou Nails Image PlateRemoving seal from MoYou Nails Image Plate
I was recently sent a stamping kit to try from the UK company MoYou Nails.  I received one stamper, one scraper, one bottle of black stamping polish and two plates (69 and 75) .  For those of you not familiar with stamping polish, it is a thick creamy polish that cannot be used for painting your nails!  The thickness and opacity of the color is what makes it transfer from the plate to your nails like magic.
MoYou Stamping on Essie ChinchillyLion on Rimmel Mintlicious
  • The stamper worked fine, and I really really liked the plastic scraper (because it doesn’t scratch your plates like the metal (cough, Konad, cough) scrapers do.
  • The black stamping polish was excellent, I will NEVER use regular black polish again!
  • The plate designs were interesting, some of them I had never seen before.
  • The plate had a protective coating that was easy to identify (because it was blue!) and a permanent sticker on the back.
  • They ship worldwide
  • CRAZY FAST shipping!  I received this package in under a week.


  • A few of the images would not transfer to the nail fully - most likely because the image was not etched deeply enough onto the plate.
  • The image in the center of plate 75 was so large, I could not even have fit it on my thumb nail!
Stamping Skittles
Stamping skittles!  I used a variety of plates to achieve this mani, which I totally loved!
  • Base Color - Rimmel 60 Seconds in Mintilicious
  • Stamping Polish - MoYou Black
  • Index - Konad m70
  • Middle - Konad m63
  • Ring - MoYou 75
  • Pinky - BundleMonster 20 (original set)
  • Top Coat - Nfu-Oh A&A Top Coat

Definitely check out MoYou Nails next time you place an order for stamping products!  And for those of you with longer nails that usually have to double stamp, check out their Coming Soon section - I see some very interesting “long” stamps!

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