22 May 2013

Still Around After Three Years!

Today is the official three year anniversary of polish insomniac!  I never knew when I started this blog I would be able to continue doing it for three years.  I am the queen of starting new projects or hobbies but not sticking to them.  And although I had a few gaps in time when I haven't blogged, those have been few and far between when you compare them to when I did blog!

Let's take a stroll down memory lane, shall we?  Check out my first ever blog post so cleverly titled "Pink Flamingo is Not Coral."  Which I soon followed up with a blog post about the elusive Sally Hansen Hidden TreasurePermalink, the polish that annoyed me so much that I avoided the MUA Nail Board for months!  Thank god G from Nouveau Cheap creates maps now for big drustgore limited editons, because Hidden Treasure was all people could talk about for months!

I have much more planned for this blog, including some anniversary themed giveaways (hint, hint)!  So stick around!

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