12 June 2013

Mini Drugstore Haul - Big Lots, Sally’s & Target

On our last day off my darling husband gallantly escorted me on a trip to Big Lots.  It’s just far away enough from my house that I do not get there very often.  I went there in search of Nutrisystem food, of all things, and came home with a few gems. 

L.A. Girl Brites Lazer Beam and Revlon Reality StarRevlon Star Attraction Reality Star

In the makeup section I snatched up two polishes, L.A. Girl Brites in Lazer Beam and Revlon Star Attraction in Reality Star.  They were only a $1.00 each, so I knew I couldn’t go wrong!  I have always loved the L.A. Girl polishes, but I had never hear of Revlon Star Attraction… probably because I was quickly overwhelmed by the magnetic trend… my hands just shake way to much, as you can see!

They also already had a large amount of CQ polishes (the parent company is going out of business, you can read about it here).  Unfortunately they were mostly mauve and red!

Epielle Grean Tea Cleansing Tissues

I also picked up these Epielle Cleansing Tissues for the first time.  I have heard many, many people rave about them, but had never remembered to look for them before.  They had several types, and I kept going back and forth between the Green Tea and the Cucumber.  I have used the Green Tea ones a few times, and they do a good job!

Salon Sciences Instant Artificials

Right next to Big Lot’s is a Sally’s, where I quickly ran inside to pick up my third bottle of Instant Artificals.  My nails are in really poor shape right now, and these always help me grow out the damaged peelies that I suffer from.

NYX at Target

We also ran into Target (in search of workout capris) and naturally I wondered into the makeup section… Only to find that this Target carries NYX!  Neither of the other three Target’s closer to me carry the brand, so I was excited.  Yes, I know they carry the brand at ULTA, but I find their displays incredibly over crowded and hard to shop.  I picked up the Round Lipstick in Tea Rose with the matching Mega Shine Lip Gloss. 
I also picked up a charcoal eyebrow pencil on a whim.  For years I have struggled with finding an eyebrow pencil that looks natural on me, as my eyebrows are much darker than my hair.  I kept buying brown pencils, using them once or twice, and then never again.  I am happy to say this charcoal pencil worked perfectly and has made it into my daily routine!
Have you found any great drugstore finds lately?
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