09 June 2013

My Current NOTD: Syrup Mani with L'Oreal Creme de Mint

L'oreal Creme de Mint Syrup Mani
L'oreal Creme de Mint

I literally just finished applying this mani and wanted to share it with you right away, that's how in love with it I am!  I kept hearing people complain about how sheer the jellies (or gellies, as apparently L'Oreal is calling them) in the Miss Candy collection were, and I wanted to slap them!  Of course they are sheer!  They're jellies!  But extra sheer jellies - don't you know what that means?  They would be perfect for SYRUP NAILS!  I finally found them at Walmart this weekend on an endcap and picked up two - Creme de Mint and Berry Nice.  I definitely plan on picking up more!  

*does happy dance*

p.s. You can see the entire collection swatched on Frazzle and Aniploish - be sure to check out her glitter sandwiches!

p.p.s.  Check out my Syrup Nails tutorial here!
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