25 July 2013

3 butter LONDON Yellows (and an Illamasqua for good measure)

Yellow Ombre with butter LONDON and Illamasqua

Have you noticed how many yellows butter LONDON has released recently?  Most brands have a hard time creating a yellow crème, so I am glad that butter LONDON has found a way not to release one good one but three!

Pimms - Colour Clash Collection (Fall 2013)
Cheeky Chops - Pop Art Collection (review)
Jasper - Sweetie Shop Collection (review)

As soon as I received Pimms from the Colour Clash collection I knew I would have to do a comparison!  I decided to take it one step further and do a full on ombre manicure… I didn’t have a fourth butter LONDON yellow so I grabbed Illamasqua Load to round it out.

Yellow Ombre with butter LONDON and IllamasquaYellow Ombre with butter LONDON and IllamasquaYellow Ombre with butter LONDON and Illamasqua

One thing I always like to do when applying a yellow polish is applying a basecoat that does double duty as “underwear.”  My underwear of choice used to be Barielle Nail Camouflage, but lately I have exclusively been using butter LONDON Nail Foundation.  It provides a matte beige base that allows crèmes to apply evenly and easily!  It’s definitely achieved Holy Grail status for me!

Which one of these yellows call out to you?
What’s your go to “underwear” polish?
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