26 July 2013

butter LONDON Colour Clash - Giddy Kipper and Pimms

butter LONDON Giddy Kipper and Pimms  4
butter LONDON is taking a different spin on fall this year with it’s Colour Clash collection.  Instead of autumn shades, butter LONDON is bringing us an entire collection of brights!  I have two of those brights here for you today - Giddy Kipper and Pimms.
butter LONDON Giddy Kipper and Pimms
Giddy Kipper is my new obsession.  I thought this beautiful blue was a crème, but alas it has hidden shimmer!  I love this color so much that I have already worn it twice on my tips and for a week on my toes.  It is the perfect blue to compliment anyone’s skin tone!
Pimms is a smooth yellow crème.  Too bright to be a buttercup yellow, it’s more like a sunflower yellow.  You can see it compared to butter LONDON Cheeky Chops and Jasper here
Overall I love both Giddy Kipper and Pimms.  They aren’t your typical fall colors, but that’s okay we can wear them NOW!
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