22 July 2013

Makeup Wars - Favorite Purple Polishes


This week’s edition of Makeup Wars is our Favorite Purple Polish.  It was actually my idea, but when it came time for me to pick one polish I couldn’t do it!  So here are FOUR of my Favorite Purple Polishes!

Index - Claire’s Magic (discontinued)
Pinky - Milani Totally Cool (discontinued but still available on eBay)


I remember when I first heard about Claire’s Magic on the Makeup Alley Nail Board.  It had already achieved HTF (Hard To Find) status.  I thought I would never come across a bottle, but nevertheless I dragged my poor husband into every Claire’s around us.  Finally one day I came across not 1 but 8 bottles at Ross Park Mall (which is just north of Pittsburgh).  I bought them all.  The girl checking me out thought that I was crazy!  I found the other 7 bottles good homes with other polish-obsessed lacquerheads!  Unfortunately now Magic has VHTF (Very Hard To Find) status - I couldn’t even find a bottle for sale on eBay.

Baptiste was one of the first four polishes from Illamasqua that I ever purchased - back when they were only $14!  The formula of Illamasqua polishes were the best that I had tried (up to that point) and I quickly fell in love with the brand.

Poke is one of the more unique polishes from Illamasqua.  I acquired it through a swap buddy on MUA.  Back then you could only purchased Poke in the UK, but luckily it is now available on Sephora!

Milani has made some awesome polishes, but none as awesome as Totally Cool!  It is almost a jelly and requires many coats to become opaque but it is oh so worth it!  I fell in love with Totally Cool because it reminded me of the base color of Nfu-Oh #51.  Totally Cool has been discontinued for some time, but you can still find it on eBay (here, here and here).


I still could not narrow down my choices from four to one, so I narrowed it down to two and wore them together!  This is one layer Claire’s Magic over two layers of Illamasqua Baptiste.

What’s your favorite purple polish?  Let me know in the comments and be sure to check out the favorites of my Makeup Wars buddies below!

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