12 August 2013

9 Golds and an Unintentional Dupe!

9 Unique Golds and an Unintentional Dupe

This weekend I was gathering gold polishes together for a post I am preparing for (which you will see tomorrow) when I realized I don’t have a lot of gold polishes.  I like gold, I just don’t like GOLD gold, KWIM?  I thought I would pull 10 different golds polishes out and swatch them next together.  This made me realize two things.  1) Salma Hayek makes an awesome dupe for Dior Timeless Gold.  2)  I can’t count to 10.  I ended up swatching 11 gold polishes.  Thus I give you 9 Unique Golds and an Unintentional Dupe!

11 gold polishes via polish insomniac

  1. China Glaze It’s My Turn (swatched here)
  2. Orly Luxe (best gold foil.  period.)
  3. Dior Timeless Gold (this one was my favorite gold!)
  4. Nuance Salma Hayek Goldstone* (full review coming soon!)
  5. Nicole by OPI Sea How Far You Go (need to do a full swatch!)
  6. LAYLA Gold Idol (swatched here)
  7. China Glaze Angel Wings* (reviewed here)
  8. China Glaze GR8 (swatched here)
  9. OPI Goldeneye* (reviewed here)
  10. butter LONDON Wallis (swatched here)
  11. Chanel Peridot (the polish that started a million dupes)
*provided for review

polish insomniac gold polishes

See how close Dior Timeless Gold and Nuance Goldstone are? 

polish insomniac gold polishes 4
polish insomniac gold polishes 5

What are some of your favorite golds?  To be totally honest, I have 10 times more gold glitters than gold polishes… Check out my Top Ten Gold Glitters tomorrow!

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