19 August 2013

Makeup Wars: Favorite Hair "Tools"

For this week's edition of Makeup Wars, my fellow bloggers and I are supposed to share with you our favorite hair tools.  You know, our favorite blow dryer, curling iron, flat iron, clipless iron, etc.  Only problem is, I really don't have any favorite tools.  I like my blow dryer, but I certainly don't love it.  In fact, I don't think I have used it more than 6 or 7 times June, because I let my hair air dry in the summer.

I have already told you about how I get my wimpy waves to go curly (aka How I Bring Out My Curl) and I still pretty much follow those steps, with a few minor differences.  See, when I wrote that post, my hair was a good 4 inches shorter.  Now with all this long hair (my hair is very fine but I have A LOT of it) it was taking longer and longer to air dry!  Luckily back in the beginning of June, My Amazing Blow Dry Secret entered my life.
My Amazing Blow Dry Secret
My Amazing Blow Dry Secret (MABDS) is a three step system that gives you simply amazing hair in up to 50% leess time than it usually takes to blow dry your hair.  Sound familiar?  I previously reviewed another brand with similar claims, but let me tell you that My Amazing Blow Dry Secret is so much better!  What makes it better?  Two things:
  • VCOH - Virgin Coconut Oil Hydrosol - this exclusive coconut oil-based water wicking system helps speed up the evaporation of water in you hair.  It is included in both the shampoo and the conditioner!
  • Shake'n Spray - This stuff is more precious to me than liquid gold.  See how the bottle looks half full in the picture above?  The top half is comprised of quick dry agents and the pink half contains a magical moisturizing conditioning formula that is a heat protectant and protects against frizz.
As I mentioned before, my hair is very long right now.  As in clogs up your drain every time i take a shower (which should be the Eight thing of the Seven Things No One Tells You When You Grow Out Your Hair).  I haven't gotten a hair cut since May either.  My grown-out layers are not discernable when I wear my hair curly, but when I try to straiten it they can be a PITA!  If I don't use MABDS, I get frustrated and quit half way through the 30 minute process (not kidding).  With MABDS, not only can I finish straitening my hair, but I can finish it in half the time, and it is shiny and bouncy.  Which is hard to do with very long fine hair! The shampoo definitely adds volume, the conditoner has just the right amount of slip but doesn't way my hair down, and the Shake'n Spray defrizzes my hair but doesn't give me an oily scalp.  Can it get any better than that?

Yes it can!  Let's go back to air drying my air.  After I use my regular cleansing conditioner in the shower, I scrunch my hair with a microfiber cloth (another thing I didn't have to do when my hair was shorter) I liberally spray my head with the Shake'n Spray.  When I do this, my hair dries in about an hour, rather than the 2.5 hours it was taking before.  That's more than a 50% difference!  I don't even have to use hair spray to hold the curls in place and prevent frizz, the Shake'n Spray does that on its own.  

There is a second way I use Shake'n Spray.  When I wake up the next morning after showering and don't want to rewash my hair, I use it to revive my curls.  I spritz them with Shake'n Spray and rescrunch them.  It really brings my curls back to life (and pretty enough to be worn out in public!  Compared to every other product I have used that is actually designed for this use, Shake'n Spray blows them out of the water - pun intended!

I'm not the only one in love with MABDS.  Amber from Beauty Junkies Unite and Marcia from Beauty Info Zone love my MABDS too!  Only they use it in a much more traditional way than I do!  You can pick up your own bottle of Shake'n Spray ($25.00), along with My Amazing Blow Dry Secret Shampoo and Conditioner ($26.50 each) from their website.

Enough of my ramblings!  Check out the rest of the Makeup Wars Favorite Hair Tools below!

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