31 August 2013

Wantable - Did This Subscription Service Pass The Test?


A few weeks ago I told you about a new-to-me subscription service called Wantable.  I went through a very detailed questionnaire and today I am going to share with you want I received.  Did it live up to my (high) expectations?


My box arrived quickly.  Very quickly, actually! I placed my order on the 14th, received a shipping confirmation on the 15th, and box arrived on the 16th!  I even received a notification that my box had been delivered, which I appreciated.

The box itself was very plain and simple, but the packaging was perfect.  My goodies were layered in between strips of foam.  Considering I received not one but two bottles of polish, this made me very happy! 


I received the following:

Now what products did I actually love?  Both nail polishes, of course.  I had never tried either brand before, and fell in love with them both.  I thought it was wonderful to see an indie brand like Rainbow Honey in my box!  I have never tried cake eyeliner before, but I am all set to try it out now, especially because I received the flat eyeliner brush.  I was not thrilled with the bronzer, but that was more because of the shade than the product.  The brow pencil?  Maybe a few months ago I would have been happy to receive it, but it can’t touch my IT Cosmetics YBBB.


If you look at my look at my Loves and Likes, I received 3 Loves and 3 Likes.  In the future I am going to remove Bronzer and Brows from my Likes, as my box made me realize I really don’t want those two items.  Now that was not Wantable’s fault, that was mine!

Rainbow Honey Custom Blended Nail Lacquer in Fire Spring

Any box that sends me awesome nail polish is a winner in my book!  I am now an avid Rainbow Honey fan, and have spent hours looking at swatches!  And I don’t think that I could have received a better color from Face Stockholm, this blue is perfect for me!

Face Stockholm Nail Polish in 168 Cream CrocusFace Stockholm Nail Polish in 168 Cream Crocus

Would I recommend Wantable?  Yes!  It’s the only truly customizable subscription box that I am aware of, and you certainly get your money’s worth.  My box had 5 full size items and one travel brush, for a total retail value of $80.  The monthly subscription is $36, or you can buy just one box for $40.  PLUS, if you don’t like you box, you can return it!  Do you know any other subscription services that allow that? 

You can sign up for Wantable here, using my referral link.  If you would rather not use my referral link, you can go to www.wantable.com.   Wantable also has two more subscription boxes - jewelry and intimates!  I am strangely fascinated by the idea of an intimates box.
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