15 August 2013

Wantable: Putting a New Subscription Service to the Test!

I was recently given the opportunity to sign up for Wantable, a new monthly subscription service.  I had pretty much given up on subscription services as of late, but this one promises to be different.  First of all, you only receive full size products.  Second, you provide them will detailed information about your preferences to ensure you will never receive a product that goes unused!  How awesome is that? 
You can tell them what types of makeup products you like to receive:
Wantable preferences
Then it breaks down each category even further.  Do you like creams?  Liquids?  Pressed Powder?  Loose powder?  Do you like bright eye shadows, but neutral polishes?  You can tell Wantable if you Love, Like, or Dislike each category.  There are many categories, and I have taken screenshots of all my choices, which you can check out for yourself.
Wantable Eye Shadow PreferencesWantable Blush PreferencesWantable Highlighter PreferencesWantable Bronzer PreferencesWantable Eyeliner PreferencesWantable Lash Product PreferencesWantable Lip Product PreferencesWantable preferences Lip Tones and TextureWantable Nail Color Preferences
Wantable Nail Texture PreferencesWantable Brow Product Preferences
Wantable Brow Tone Preferences
So when my box arrives, both you and I will know if the fourteen employees of Wantable (based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin) did a good job of matching their products with my preferences!  Each box is valued at $80 or more.  You can choose a subscription runs at $36/month, or you can purchase a single box for $40.
Excited to try it out?  You can sign up now through my referral link - or wait and read my review when the box arrives!
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