16 August 2013

Water Inspired Nail Art with Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat

CB-sponsored-post-white-script-6004 Steps to Easy Water Inspired Nail Art with Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat
I always want to do more nail art on my blog, but somehow I never do.  To be honest, it intimidates me!  That’s why when I had the chance to participate in the Sally Hansen #IHeartMyNailArt campaign, I jumped at the chance.  It was the perfect inspiration to put my “creative” hat on rather than my “swatching” hat!  (Note to self:  buy a swatching hat).

I was excited to use the Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat polishes, which I had not yet tried.  They are comprised of mostly matte bar glitter in a clear suspension base.  They look like feathers or a fuzzy sweater when they are worn alone in multiple coats.  Instead I wanted to come up with a  layering look that was looked like it had texture and depth, but was smooth to the touch.

Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat polishes

So off to Walgreens I went to pick up some of the Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat nail polishes.  I only needed to pick up a couple, but somehow four came home with me.  Ooops!  I brought home Fuzzy Fantasy, Tight Knit, Fuzz-Sea and Wool Knot.  Those name crack me up every time, especially Wool Knot!

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nail art inspiration

My inspiration for my nail art look is ultimately what helped me narrow my Fuzzy Coat choices down from four to two.  This is a (very inexpensive) placemat that my husband and I fell in love with this summer.  Although we no longer have a dining table, we managed to find a way to bring three of of these babies home to live our kitchen!  I am just in love with the water splatter design.

Sally Hansen Tight Knit, Sally Hansen White On, Sally Hansen Wool Knit

For this look I did a spin on my Syrup Nails look, but this is even easier!  Plus it only takes four easy steps!  I used three polishes:  Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in White On (for the base) and Sally Hansen Fuzzy coat in Tight Knit and Wool Knot

Sally Hansen White On (Step One)

Step One - After applying my base coat I applied two coats of White On.  Since we will be layering more polish over the white, you application doesn’t have to be perfectly even (like the imperfections on my middle finger where my nail is splitting).  This is a great time to clean up around your cuticles - I used an eyeliner brush dipped in pure acetone.

Step Two of Four Easy Steps to a Water Inspired Manicure

Step Two - I added a layer of Tight Knit only to the tips of my nails, using the dabbing method of simply dabbing the bar glitter on the nail rather than brushing it on.  There is no right or wrong way to do this, each nail is it’s own unique work of art!

Step Three of Four Easy Steps to a Water Inspired Manicure

Step Three - I applied another coat of Tight Knit to my nails, but this time I applied it to the entire bottom half of my nails, again using the dabbing method. Remember your application does not need to be perfect.  You want them to look similar, but not the same!  Just like they say about eyebrows - they are sisters, not twins!

#IHeartMyNailArt Water Inspired manicure by polish insomniac #shop

Step Four - I applied one layer of Wool Knit to my entire nail bed.  This time I did not dab, but painted the bar glitter on like normal polish.  I then followed it with a layer of top coat and Voila!  You are done!

#IHeartMyNailArt by polish insomniac #shop

If you would like to try now the Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat polishes, now is the time to do it!  For the week of 8/18, Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure and Fuzzy Coat polishes are $5.29 or 2/$10 and Xtreme Wear polishes are only $1.99 at Walgreens!

What you do you think of my I Heart My Nail Art design?  Does it remind you of water, as intended?   Does it make you think of the Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat polishes in a new light?

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