25 September 2013

BeWell Expo at the Pasadena Convention Center October 12 &13

If you are in the Pasadena area October 12 or 13th, you definitely want to check out the BeWell Expo!

What It Is:

BeWell Expo is designed to honor your inner and outer self. It is an exclusive beauty and wellness getaway where attendees can experience and indulge in the industry's best kept secrets. As an attendee, empower yourself by embracing the tools your body, mind and spirit need to look and feel good.

What You Can Expect:

The entrance fee of $25 per day includes the following complimentary activities:

· Identify your skin type and understand the current condition of your skin…at the Skin Analysis Lounge
Click on the link for more info http://bewell-expo.com/skin.php

· Find the best natural makeup to lock in your look… at the Eco–Beauty Makeup Bar
Click on the link for more info http://bewell-expo.com/beauty.php

· Whole new look with a beautifully shaped eyebrow at the Brow Bar
Click on the link for more info http://bewell-expo.com/browbar.php

· Treat yourself to the healthier gel polish manicure with trendy colors at the Eco–Nail Bar
Click on the link for more info http://bewell-expo.com/nail.php

· Feel like you had just spent a week on the beach…by stopping at the Tanning Bar
Click on the link for more info http://bewell-expo.com/tanning.php

· Enjoy a party Lash application at the Lash Bar
Click on the link for more info http://bewell-expo.com/lash.php

· Emerge in a relaxation and healing sound bath with Tibetan bowls by Karma Moffett
Click on the link for more info http://bewell-expo.com/relaxation.php

· Aura imaging (value $20.00)

· Initiate, inspire and transform yourself at the Yoga Studio + receive free GAIAM mats on a first come, first serve basis (value $45.00). Click on the link for more info http://bewell-expo.com/yoga1.php

· Attend a plethora of lectures/demo on energy healing, chakra balancing, relaxation techniques, color therapy, inner peace solutions, aromatherapy and much more...
Click on the link for more info http://bewell-expo.com/geti.php

· Shop from the beauty and wellness industry leaders.
Click on the link for more info http://bewell-expo.com/exhibitors.php

Tickets are $25 for one day pass and $50 for two day pass.
Use code BW2013 for 20% off! Register at BeWell-Expo.com. Hurry! Tickets are limited.

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