26 September 2013

New Tools from Tweezerman


Have you seen these adorable new tools from Tweezerman?  How cute are the mini slant tweezers?  Even though I haven’t had the chance to use my new neon file yet, it is so bright, I could never lose it, even in my disaster of a room!

When I received these products, I immediately thought I would put the tweezers in my purse.  But somehow they landed on my makeup desk and never left!  Even though they are tiny, they are as sharp as regular Tweezermans.  In fact, I need to send both pairs of my regular size Tweezermans in to be resharpened, but I am lazy and haven’t done it yet.  So instead I use the little ones.  They work so well it will be a miracle if I ever send my full size ones off!

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