25 October 2013

OPI Mariah Carey Holiday Part Three ♥ The Liquid Sands

OPI Mariah Carey Holiday - The Liquid Sands

We have already looked at two parts of the OPI Mariah Carey Holiday collection (The Reds and The Shimmers and Glitters).  Today is my favorite, the Liquid Sands!  But Jessika, you say, I thought you were over textured polishes?  Well, to be honest, I am but these Liquid Sands seem more like glitters to me!  

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OPI It's Frosty OutsideOPI Silent Stars Go By

It’s Frosty Outside is a pretty silver.

Silent Stars Go By is a silvery pink.  I applied this as just one coat and I really love the way it looks.  I can see myself reaching for this when I am in a hurry to do my nails, because it only requires on coat (no base or top coat) and dries very quickly.  So quickly that by the time I took this picture, I couldn’t wipe it off without remover!

OPI Make Him MineOPI Baby Please Come Home

Make Him Mine is a more peachy-pink version of Silent Stars Go By.  Again, I only used one coat.  Normally I don’t like this type of pink but I think it was flattering against my skin tone!

Baby Peace Come Home is a gorgeous silvery-purple.  This was the first one I swatched from the entire collection and I fell in love with it immediately – it’s what made me change my mind about the Liquid Sands!  Two coats, not very bumpy.

OPI Kiss Me At Midnight OPI Emotions

Kiss Me at Midnight is a bright blue filled with smaller silver glitter. It definitely stands out from the rest of the collection!  Just two coats looked good in the shade, but in the sun I could have used a third.

Emotions is a black base with black glitter.  Ugh.  Do not like.

Here’s another look at these, because they are absolutely dazzling in the sun!

OPI It's Frosty Outside 6OPI Kiss Me At Midnight 3OPI Emotions 4OPI Baby Please Come Home 6

Even if you have sworn off textured polishes, I really think you should give these a shot!  Hands down, Baby Please Come Home was my favorite!  Silent Stars Go By and Kiss Me at Midnight weren’t far behind.
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