25 November 2013

Makeup Wars ♥ My Holiday Wishlist

Makeup Wars - polish insomniac's Holiday Wish List
Who doesn’t love making wish lists?  I used to circle things I wanted in Sephora’s Holiday catalog - just like when you were a kid and circled the JC Penny’s catalog!  Then, in last year’s Makeup Wars, I did a stocking stuffer wish list.  Little did I know that my husband would actually print it out and take it to Sephora! 

At the beginning of November he asked me when I was going to make this year’s collage – well honey, be careful what you ask for!  I’ve got my eye on a Michael Kors Selma and to be sure he had options I picked out “just a few.” 

Many of my blogging friends have reviewed some lovely products from Laura Mercier that I have been salivating over (specifically Laura’s White Magic review, Kristyn’s Smokey Violets review and Taylor’s Bronze Bonbons review). 

And let’s not forget my lemming, the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette that I waited to long to buy and it sold out…  It’s not even on Sephora.com right now, but Barney’s is taking backorders!
  1. Michael Kors Large Selma Jewel Trim (on second thought, I would much prefer this one)

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