12 November 2013

Sally Hansen Triple Shine–Wavy Blue, Pool Party & Pearly Whites

Sally Hansen Triple Shine

Today I am going to talk to you about one of the latest offerings from Sally Hansen:  Sally Hansen Triple Shine!  This line is huge – it contains 29 polishes!  I received four colors plus the top coat for review.  I already showed you one shade, Sparkling Water, here.  I wanted to really test these out, so I waited a few weeks between my first impression post and now!  See my thoughts and swatches after the jump!

First off, let’s talk about the bottles.  The Triple Shine bottle is tall and slim with a rectangular base.  The ratio of tall/slim is not too thin that it would easily fall over in your Helmer.  With the cap on, the bottle is a centimeters taller than the Complete Salon line, but not as tall as the old New Lengths line.  The cap is large but removable, and the top of the cap is the same size rectangle as the bottom of the bottle.  (The OCD in me likes this!) 

Underneath the cap of the Triple Shine bottle is a round top which the brush is attached to.  Here is where the problem with this design lies.  I really like the brush itself.  It is flat, wide and rounded, like the Insta-Dri brush.  I love that the shape of the brush is curved so that you can get right up next to your cuticle with it.  However the opening of the bottle is so small that it is hard to put the brush back into the bottle without “gunking up” the neck of the bottle.  Le sigh.

The Triple Shine bottle is smaller than most Sally Hansen lines at 0.33 fluid ounces.  To put it in perspective, the Complete Salon line is the standard 0.5 fluid ounces.  To be fair, the cost of the Triple Shine polishes range from $3.99 and $4.99, depending on where you purchase them, where as the Complete Salon line is closer to $8.  I actually prefer the smaller, less expensive bottles of polish myself! 

Onto the swatches!  Don’t forget, you can see Sparkling Water (which I love, love, love) here

Sally Hansen Wavy BlueSally Hansen Wavy Blue Sally Hansen Wavy Blue

Wavy Blue is a a gorgeous medium blue gel-like shimmer with duochrome blue to purple fleck which are apparent in the bottle, but not on the nails.  Even though the duochrome shift disappears, it adds a wonderful depth to this polish that is apparent on the nail.  I love the formula of this, any polish that has that special “gel” feeling to me is a winner.  By the way, Sparkling Water had the same awesome formula!  Both polishes required two coats – and neither stained my nails! 

Love Wavy Blue, love Sparkling WaterBuy them both!

Sally Hansen Pool Party Sally Hansen Pool Party Sally Hansen Pool Party

Pool Party is a very, very sheer light blue shimmer.  I used three coats on its own to achieve these swatches, although I wish I would have layered it like my friend Claudia of Chromatic Misadventures did!  Check out how awesome it looks layered on her Instagram feed here, here and here!  I won’t be wearing this polish alone again after seeing those pictures!

Sally Hansen Pearly Whites over Gray by Gray Sally Hansen Pearly Whites over Gray by Gray Sally Hansen Pearly Whites over Gray by Gray

Pearly Whites is a clear base filled with both iridescent micro glitter and Mylar flakes.  Instead of being the traditional flakies we have seen from Sally Hansen before (like Hidden Treasure), these flakies look like shards of glass!  And unlike any other “shard” flakies I have used, these ones lies flat on the nail.  Amazing!  The pieces are irregular in both size and shape, and the large pieces really catch the light.  They are mesmerizing!  Here I have applied two coats of Pearly White over Sally Hansen Gray by Gray.  If you would like to see what one coat looks like,  I also wore Pearly Whites over Sally Hansen Night Watch, which you can see on my Instagram.

As far as wear time goes, I had excellent results with both Sparkling Water and Wavy Blue when I paired them with the Triple Shine Top Coat.  I had over three days of no chipping or tip wear each time, and the top coat did dry fairly quickly (though not as quickly as Seche Vite or CND Air Dry).

I highly  recommend that you check out Sparkling Water, Wavy Blue and Pearly Whites.  After seeing the entire line swatched by KarenD, I plan on picking up “just a few more.”  I have my eyes on Hypnautical, Fanta-Sea, Slick Black and Twinkled Pink.

Although I haven’t seen them in person yet, the Triple Shine polishes are available online at Walgreen’s for $4.99 each.  They are currently B1G1 50% off, with free shipping over $25.00!  You can get to them by clicking on one of the links below.

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