27 November 2013

Wantable Intimates Box Review

Wantable Intimates Box Review

You all know how much I absolutely fell in love with my Wantable Makeup Box.  It is the most customizable subscription box I have ever come across, and I absolutely raved about it in my review.  Because a few of you signed up for Wantable using my referral link, I built up enough credits to order another box, essentially for free.  I was very curious about the Intimates Box, so I filled out my survey questions and ordered it.  Well let me tell you, I am glad I did not pay for this one!  Although I could have returned it under their generous return policy.

The Intimates Box, like all other Wantable boxes is $36 if you have a subscription and $40 if you buy the stand alone box.  For my $40 dollars I received the Under Couture Coobie Hipster in Black ($14), Braza Flash Tape ($8), Argoz Emerald Bay Socks ($15) and, my favorite piece, the Pheel Essence Red Tank ($48).  I also got a coupon for Jockey, which wasn't even in my box.

As much as I liked the tank, I never would have paid $40 for it, let alone $48.  The underwear were cute, but there was no way they were a medium/large.  They run very small.  The tape may be useful to me at some point, and the socks were cute but NOT MY COLOR.  

Yes, I could go back and change my preferences to see if I got a better box, but I would rather spend my money on another Makeup Box, especially since my friend Christine from 15 Minute Beauty curated the December Box!  

You can sign up for Wantable here, using my referral link.  If you would rather not use my referral link, you can go towww.wantable.com.  
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