07 January 2014

Blogging Resolution for 2014 ♥ Stay Better Organized!

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Blogging Resolution for 2014 - Stay Organized!

One of my blogging resolutions for 2014 is to stay better organized!  Last summer I bought a planner to keep track of my posts and to help me plan out in advance for certain posts - but honestly I am more of a fly by the seat of my pants kinda girl!  However there are a few groups I have committed to (Makeup Wars and Top Ten Tuesdays) that I want to make sure that I don’t forget to plan these posts. 
My goal for the planner was two-fold:
  1. Block out days that I would be participating in group posts.  Have the posts ready at least the night before!
  2. Keep a good balance of content on my site.  I started out as a nail blogger, and sometimes I think I get too far away from that with skin care and makeup posts.  I fear I may be turning off my “core” audience if I don’t post enough nails!  Please let me know if I am wrong in thinking this!  I try not to do more than one “non-nails” post per week.
So I started off well enough!  This is what my planner looked like in July:

July 2013

And this is what it looked like in December:

December 2013


Blogging Resolution for 2014 - Keep notes organized and only use one notebook

The other problem I had was keeping all my notes in the same notebook.  I realized at the end of 2012 that while everyone else had their “best of” posts ready, I was behind the eight ball.  So I vowed to keep my review notes in ONE NOTEBOOK, BY YEAR, so that I would be ready at the end of 2013.  Was I ready?  No.  Why?  Simple – I used up one notebook, didn’t want to start another one yet, and ended up with chicken scratch every where.  I also “missed” writing notes for some polishes. 

To get myself psyched for 2014 I recently picked up this pretty notebook that has plenty of room.

Break collections up by season, a tab for each season and an extra tab for one-off products

It has five tabs, so I am going to break them down like this:
  1. Spring 2014 Collections
  2. Summer 2014 Collections
  3. Fall 2014 Collections
  4. Winter 2014 Collections
  5. Polishes that do not fall under the other categories
Blogging Resolution for 2014 - write detailed notes for every polish I swatch

Here’s how I typically break down each collection.  Before I swatch When I remember, before I start swatching I write out all the names of the polishes and swatch below them, leaving plenty of room for notes.  This worked probably 75% of the time last year.  My two biggest problems were a) Remembering to do it at all b) not planning ahead when swatching large collections and end up with pages stuck together because the polish wasn’t all the way dry!

That’s it!  Just two resolutions I plan on sticking to in order to make this blogger better for you!
I just realized I broke my own rule, this is the second non-polish related post for the week.  Duh!
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