06 January 2014

Makeup Wars - Beauty Resolutions for 2014

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Makeup Wars Beauty Resolutions

Welcome to the first edition of Makeup Wars for the New Year!  This week we are sharing our beauty and/or blogging resolutions with you.  Last year I did a beauty resolution, which was to get through my backlog of shampoos and conditioners.  I did well too, I believe I only purchased my L'Oreal Cleansing shampoo twice, and I stocked up on some giant bottles of DermOrganic as well.  In December I went through all the shampoos and conditioners that I had in my stash that I knew I wouldn't use and gave them to my step-daughter.  It was as if a weight had been lifted off my shoulders when I did that!

My beauty resolution is going to be DON'T PEAL POLISH OFF MY NAILS!  It's absolutely the worst thing you can do, but I admit I do it when I am stressed out.  Last night, even, I found myself peeling AMAZEBALLZ off my nails after wearing it for 7 days strait (that stuff is like iron, BTW).  I was a few nails in before I even realized it was happening.  When I woke up this morning I found I had significantly damaged the nail on my ring finger on my left hand.  When that damage starts to go out, I know that nail is damaged and is going to break and split.  Not looking forward to it!

Josie Maran Peppermint Nail Wipes $9.00

So my official Beauty Resolution of 2014 is going to be not pealing off my polish, and if I realize I am doing it, remove my polish immediately!  Since I am usually not at home when this happens (obviously I get the most stressed while actually at work) I am keeping these Josie Maran nail wipes in my purse.  I picked them up on a whim at Sephora one day.  Funny story, acutally.  I went to Sephora because I really wanted the Boscia 500 Point Perk, but didn't want anything else, so I picked up something from the checkout to buy to qualify for the gift.  Is that lame?  Any who, these are not that cheap at $9.00 for 20 wipes, but it was during the VIB sale and I figured now was the time to try them.  The peppermint ones smell awesome (I dislike the grapefruit ones) and the packaging is super lightweight and won't weigh my purse down.  I have already used them once, they are not something I would use to remove glitter, but are great for what I need them for!

What's your Beauty Resolution for 2014?  Let me know in the comments, and check out the rest of the Makeup Wars Resolutions below!

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