16 January 2014

PSA: butter LONDON Discontinued Polishes on sale for $7.50!

butter london sale

butter LONDON is discontinuing a large amount of their line to make room for new polishes.  All of the polishes listed below are discontinued and are on sale for $7.50 each on the butter LONDON website!  I have linked to swatches when possible.  Happy shopping!

To see the full list of polishes, keep reading.

Torch Nail Lacquer
Opaque, vibrant coral with gold shimmer.

Prince's Plums Nail Lacquer
The perfect bluey-purple, ‘royal’ purple. Rich and deep, just like a prince.

Sylver Brydel Nail Lacquer
Opaque, silver glitter suspended in a silver base.

Bluecoat Nail Lacquer
Opaque, navy shimmer. A twist on the traditional style of dress in British private schools.

Brass Monkey Overcoat
Sheer, copper opal fleck overcoat. A delicious cocktail for sparkly night time fun.

Bumster Nail Lacquer
An opaque, orchre yellow nail lacquer. Brit slang for one’s bottom, or butt. Get off yer bum and order this fabulously edgy new shade.

Cake-Hole Nail Lacquer
An opaque, nearly neon pink crème nail lacquer. A pink so bright, it can’t be wrong!

Cream Tea Nail Lacquer
Barely there and ever-so-sweet. Pale and creamy, this lacquer is an alternative to your standard clear or sheer pink lacquer.

Dosh Nail Lacquer
A molten metallic apple-green nail lacquer shot through with gold. DEEEELICIOUS! 

Fiddlesticks Nail Lacquer
A semi-matte raspberry glitter that's sweet AND tart!

Jack The Lad Nail Lacquer
A moss green shimmer with gold, turquoise, and green microglitter.

No More Waity, Katie Nail Lacquer
This soft lilac glitter nail lacquer is the perfect marriage of fashion and fun.

Rebel Fox Nail Lacquer
Opaque, oxblood shimmer; A cheeky minx who loves a good night out.

Scallywag Nail Lacquer
A bright turquoise glitter that's as mischievous as it is bright.

Scuppered Nail Lacquer
A copper shimmer with pink, gold, and green glitter. Always worth a second glance. 

Squatter Nail Lacquer
A bright, lime green nail lacquer.

Swinger Nail Lacquer
A vibrant, grass green glitter named for a person who prefers multiple "partners".

Tea & Toast Nail Lacquer
Opaque, rich tan crème.
As seen at La Perla, New York Fashion Week A/W 13.
Pearly Queen Nail Lacquer
A winter white nail lacquer with an added pearl sheen for softness and depth, making it beautifully wearable.

Artful Dodger Nail Lacquer
This true teal nail lacquer is a show-stopper. High fashion and so unique, it’s the perfect way to wear this trend without over-kill.

Blagger Nail Lacquer
A striking cobalt blue nail lacquer. A summer staple in every trendsetter's lacquer wardrobe.

Blowing Raspberries Nail Lacquer
A rich, delicious berry nail lacquer.

Bossy Boots Nail Lacquer
A light, opaque pistachio green crème   A beautiful take on neutral for the fashionista.

Cheeky Chops Nail Lacquer
"Why, no - I do not have a banana in my pocket - but I am happy to see you." Get noticed with this bright yellow nail lacquer.

Dahling Nail Lacquer
You don’t have to be daring all the time. Sometimes a deep, dusky-pink nail lacquer is just the ticket and very posh indeed.

Jaded Jack Nail Lacquer
Opaque, lime green crème. Unsung British rock hero.

Pimms Nail Lacquer
Opaque, sunflower yellow crème.

Poole Nail Lacquer
A robin’s egg blue cream inspired by this seaside resort town in high summer.

Saucy Jack Nail Lacquer
Dark, blood red. In the immortal words of Derek Smalls, “You’re a naughty one, Saucy Jack!”


Silly Billy Nail Lacquer
Opaque, fire orange crème.

Teddy Girl Nail Lacquer
A pale retro bubblegum pink nail lacquer featured on the catwalk of a top Brit designer for S/S 2011.

Toff Nail Lacquer
A darker, dustier, brownish variation on a rose pink nail lacquer. Stop to smell them. The roses, not the toffs.

Bit Faker Nail Lacquer
A full coverage bronze glitter that was inspired by the tan from a can.

Gobsmacked Nail Lacquer
A heavily pigmented charcoal grey glitter nail lacquer with a slightly textured finish. This shade is unlike anything we’ve seen before – a legend in the making!

West End Wonderland Nail Lacquer
Be one of the Glitterati in classic gold glitter nail lacquer. It's Anabel's, the Groucho, and The Electric all rolled into one magnificent lacquer.

Dodgy Barnett Nail Lacquer
A highly holographic lacquer in a classic shade that blurs the line between grey and silver.

Trustafarian Nail Lacquer
A golden holographic finish gives this delightful sage green nail lacquer a surprising and sophisticated edge. (Swatch)
There are several sets available at discounted prices as well!  See them all here. 

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