27 March 2014

My Kmart Beauty Clearance Haul

Purchased by Me

I know what you are thinking?  Kmart?  Who still shops at Kmart?  I normally forget Kmart still exists, to be honest, but some HTF drugstore collections do seem to pop up there first!  I didn't find any new drugstore collections, but I did find this:

My Kmart Beauty Clearance Haul 

I read about some changes happening at Kmart last week on Nouveau Cheap.  I finally made it there today and made out like a bandit!  I was so excited that I forgot to take a picture of the clearance section, but the amount of product it had on it was similar to what you can see here.  Just less organized!

Revlon Colorstay and Brilliant Strength polishes

The Revlon polishes were marked down to $2.00 each!  I picked up Stormy Night, Indigo Night, Midnight, Rain Forest, Bonsai, Entice, Tantalize and Beguile.

L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadows

Before this shopping trip I only owned four of these Infallibles… now I have almost doubled that!  These were marked either $1.99 or $2.00 each.  I picked up Midnight Blue, Sultry Smoke, Eternal Black, Golden Emerald, Endless Pearl, Endless Sea and Bronzed Taupe.  There were around six more shades that I didn’t bring home!
L'Oreal nail polishes

Ever since L’Oreal bought Essie, the quality of their nail polish has been steadily improving, so I was happy to bring home Greyt Expectations, Safari Chic, Grecian Goddess, Not a Cloud in Sight and Jet Set to Paris!  They were each marked down to $1.49 or $1.50.

Milani Shadow Eyez and Revlon Lip Butter in Pink TruffleSally Hansen Insta Gel Strips

I grabbed two Milani Shadow Eyez for $1.50 each in Aquatic Style and Royal Purple.  I only saw one Revlon Lip Butter, which happens to be my absolute number one holy grail lip color – Pink Truffle.  When I saw it had been marked down to $2.00, I confirmed that it is no longer in Kmart’s permanent display.  While I am happy to find it at such a bargin, I hope this doesn’t mean it will be discontinued!  I have bought this lip butter six or seven times!

Kmart Clearance Haul

As you can see, the most expensive thing I brought home was the houndstooth Sally Hansen Insta Gel Strips.  I can’t resist houndstooth!

I was so distracted by the clearance that I almost forgot to look for the OPI polishes that Kmart has started to carry!  I saw some very old OPI’s in the brand new OPI display, just as described in G’s blog post!  I plan on going back for some, but I needed to check my stash first!

Have you hit up Kmart lately?  Did you go as nuts as me?

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