04 March 2014

Seche Perfectly Poised ♥ Swatches and Review

Seche Perfectly Poised Collection

Today I have a fabulous spring collection to share with you, Seche Perfectly Poised!  This collection is full of crème pastel polishes, including two with hidden shimmer!  Keep reading to find out more!
Seche Keep It YouSeche Effortlessly Styled

Keep It You is a bright tulip pink, the lone “non-pastel” in this collection.  The formula was thin but very pigmented. 

Effortlessly Styled is a soft “circus peanuts” orange pastel crème.  I really loved this shade, but you may be able to see in the picture how the pigment separated.  I received this collection three weeks ago, but wasn't able to swatch them until last Thursday and I was surprised to see how the pigment had settled. 

Seche Perfectly PoisedSeche Conquer the World

Perfectly Poised is a lovely buttercup yellow pastel crème.  This polish had also separated some, but after I added two drops of thinner the formula was much better and applied well, for a yellow!

Conquer the World is an light teal with a gorgeous golden shimmer.  I love this one with my skin tone (no lobster hands!) that I have already worn it twice!  The formula was perfection as well.

Seche Buttoned UpSeche Head To Toe

Buttoned Up is a soft lavender crème with hidden blue shimmer.  The blue shimmer really makes this purple stand out to me!  The formula was fantastic.

Head to Toe is a light, creamy nude.  In the bottle it did not look like much, but I loved it when I applied it.  I can see this being my go-to base color for layering and nail art!

Overall, I really loved this collection.  I used two coats with all shades, except Effortlessly Styled, where I used three.  While I was surprised that the formula had separated in a few of the bottles, it could be because I received early press samples.  Either way, a few drops of thinner took care of the issue and they applied flawlessly! 

Seche Perfectly Poised will be available next month at ULTA stores nationwide for $8.50 each, though they are currently available on Amazon

Which shade are you most excited about?  My picks from this collection are Conquer the World, Buttoned Up and Head to Toe.
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