19 April 2014

How To: Easter Nail Art with JINSoon

Easter Nail Art

Are your nails ready for Easter?  If not, follow these easy steps from celebrity manicurist Jin Soon Choi!


1. File and shape your nails in a natural square or roundish shape.

2. Apply a base coat like JINsoon Power Coat.

3. Apply JINsoon Dolly Pink on the entire nail bed.

4. Apply JINsoon Poppy Blue about 2/3rd's of the way from the top of the nail closer to the cuticle area, creating a few curved lines and filling in to the tip of the nail.

Easter Nail Art

5. For a three-toned look, apply Formula X for Sephora Seismic over Poppy Blue in the same manner as you applied Poppy Blue.

6. Finish with a high-shine top coat like JINsoon Top Gloss.    

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