19 May 2014

China Glaze Off Shore ♥ Swatches and Review

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China Glaze Off Shore Summer 2014

Are you ready to taste the rainbow?  China Glaze has a rainbow of shades for us with their Off Shore Collection for Summer 2014.  I am sporting nubs right now and I love how this collection, especially the lighter colors look on my shorter nails!

One note before I begin.  Be More Pacific was the first color I swatched.  When I tried to use my top coat on it, I found the top coat to be a horribly stringy mess.  It did mess up the color on my middle finger of the first shade.  For the rest of the collection, I swatched sans topcoat (except for one polish, as noted).

China Glaze Be More PacificChina Glaze Sun Upon My Skin

Be More Pacific is very light yet very bright lime green.  Such a fun color!  Again, smooth in two coats and self-leveled. 

Sun Upon My Skin – Say hello to my new favorite yellow!  This polish is one of the best yellows I have used in a long time.  Only two coats needed and it self-leveled!  I don’t have to tell you how rare that is in a yellow polish!   

China Glaze Shore EnuffChina Glaze Wait N' Sea

Shore Enuff is a crazy bright, in-your-face kind of green.  It was slightly thick but once again leveled amazingly well and only required two coats.

Wait N’ Sea was a polish that surprised my when I swatched it.  Instead of a boring old cream, it was a crème-jelly hybrid!  (I won’t use the word that starts with a ‘C’ and ends in “elly.”)  The formula was squishy and shiny and gorgeous!  I only used one coat above, though you may want to wear two if you don’t like VNL.

China Glaze I Sea The PointChina Glaze X-ta Sea

I Sea The Point – I thought this was going to be my favorite polish of the entire collection.  I was so confident in it that I saved it till last, so I could apply it as a full mani, as opposed to just swatching it.  The formula was such a PITA!  Thick, goopy, and it dragged something fierce.  I Sea The Point must have some neon pigment in it, because it did dry matte.  Even saying all that, I love the color and I am still wearing it today, though it chipped in several places (and that may be due to my new top coat I am trying).

X-ta Sea – another crème-jelly hybrid!  This one was more jelly than Wait N’ Sea, but it’s still amazingly gorgeous squishy perfection!  There are so many different kinds of purple out there, but this shade is my favorite!

China Glaze Dune Our ThingChina Glaze Sea's The Day

Dune Our Thing – a true crème, perfect in two coats.

Sea’s The Day – a true crème, perfect in two coats. 
China Glaze Stoked to be SoakedChina Glaze If In Doubt, Surf It Out

Stoked to be Soaked – how did a shimmer get in there?  Stoked to be Soaked is a red-leaning orange with a healthy dose of gold shimmer.

If In Doubt, Surf It Out is a fun orange cream that reminds me of circus peanuts!  Again, both of these polishes were two coats.

China Glaze Float OnChina Glaze Feel the Breeze

Float On is a bright bubblegum pink, slightly on the thick side.

Feel the Breeze – this one looks innocent in the bottle but as soon as I tried to take a picture of it, it freaked out my camera! It’s definitely brighter than it looks in the bottle.

Overall, I loved this collection.  It wasn’t what I was expecting… it was better!  My must buys are Sun Upon My Skin, Be More Pacific, Wait N’ Sea and X-ta Sea.  If you have patience then pick up I Sea the Point, otherwise skip it!  For me, the extra effort was worth it!

China Glaze Sun Upon My Skin nail polishChina Glaze Be More Pacific nail polishChina Glaze Wait N’ Sea nail polishChina Glaze X-Ta-Sea nail polish

This collection will be available in June, but it's already popped up on Amazon and eBay!  Which shades are you most excited to try?

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