20 May 2014

Coming Soon: Sally Hansen ColorFoil Nail Makeup

Nothing to Disclose

They're back!  Sally Hansen ColorFoil Nail Makeup (aka Chromes)

What’s old is new again!  Sally Hansen is bringing back their Nail Makeup line with the new Sally Hansen ColorFoils Nail Makeup.
Achieve high impact drama with high shine, liquid metal looks.  With on-trend shades such as this year’s “it” color, pinky-purple lilac, to must-have mint and essential gold, silver, and copper metallics, each shade delivers a unique iridescent foil gleam finish for a one-of-a-kind nail look. These glinting polishes explode from within with extreme theatrical effect, for a new level of brilliance that fuels today’s desire for over-the-top, outrageous shine.

AKA – They are chrome foils.  They seem to be the old Sally Hansen Chromes reincarnated (thanks KarenD for the detailed comparison).  Which is good, because those puppies go for a big chunk of change on evilBay!
Sally Hansen Sterling Silver
Sterling Silver
Sally Hansen Minted Metal
Minted Metal
Sally Hansen Leaden Lilac
Leaden Lilac
Sally Hansen Cobalt Chrome
Cobalt Chrome
Sally Hansen Yellow Gold
Yellow Gold
Sally Hansen Purple Alloy
Purple Alloy
Sally Hansen Liquid Gold
Liquid Gold
Sally Hansen Pink Copper
Pink Copper
Sally Hansen Pink Platinum
Pink Platinum
Sally Hansen Titanium Flush
Titanium Flush
The Sally Hansen Chrome ColorFoil Nail Makeup Collection will be available beginning in June 2014, where ever Sally Hansen is sold!  (But it’s already popped up in a few places!  Check out this post by Nouveau Cheap for details!)

What do you think?  Get it or skip it?  I am excited to use them for nail art and stamping!

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