16 May 2014

Hate Primers? Try The Makeup Primer Spray by Skindinavia!

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Hate Primers - Try The Makeup Primer Spray by Skindinavia

How many makeup primers do you own?  I own more than I care to admit, but do you know how many I actually use?  None!  Why?  The primary ingredients in most makeup primers are silicones, and I simply can’t stand the feeling of silicones on my skin!  Not to mention when I use products with multiple kinds of silicone (Dimethicone, Cyclopentasiloxane, etc) I always break out.  Not right away, but if I use silicone products multiples days in a row I will break out.  I have been told it’s actually because of the products I use in conjunction with the silicones, but I haven’t been able to figure out what THAT product is, so I stay away from silicones in general.  The only exception I make is in my nighttime skincare routine.  I can use a night cream with silicones without breaking out, but I believe it’s because a) I don’t apply anything over the night cream b) I go to bed late and wake up too early so the silicones aren’t on my skin for more than 6-7 hours on a normal night.

Since I stopped using makeup primers, I found that many of the foundations I owned didn’t work as well for me and my dry skin, so I turned to BB Creams.  Thankfully, I have found a brand new kind of makeup primer that is silicone free!  I can finally use my favorite (overpriced) foundation again – Armani Luminous Silk Foundation!

Hate Primers? Try The Makeup Primer Spray by Skindinavia!

The name of this miraculous product is Skindinavia The Makeup Primer Spray (hereby referred to as “The Spray”) which also comes in an Oil-Control formula.  I have been using The Spray for a few days and I can back up the claims that the product is lightweight and breathable!  When I use The Spray I spritz it on my face the same way you would any facial mist.  The vitamin-packed formula is refreshing and allows me to easily apply even my finickiest foundation.

FOTD featuring The Makeup Primer Spray by SkindinaviaFOTD featuring The Makeup Primer Spray by Skindinavia

I went a little overboard with my FOTD using The Makeup Primer Spray.  So overboard that I forget to take a picture at the beginning of the day!  The picture on the right was taken around 8:00pm at night and my foundation still looks flawless.  Normally by this time of day the dry patches on my cheeks and the uneven texture of the skin around my nose is quite apparent.  I am happy to say that with The Makeup Primer Spray my skin still looks even and my blush managed to last 10 hours!  Woot!

    Skindinavia is celebrating the launch the The Makeup Primer Spray by offering free shipping – but today is the last day!  Not only will you get free shipping, but you will get a travel size spray as well.  The Makeup Primer Spray retails comes in two sizes  - 4 oz for $35.00 or 8 oz for $49.00.  I received the 4 oz. and I know it will last me a long time!


    And just so you know, this isn’t a sponsored post, but I did receive a sample for review.  I have provided links to Skindinavia’s site but will not make a penny if you purchase it. I simply loved it so much I wanted everyone to share it with you ASAP so that you could to take advantage of the free shipping deal!

    What’s your favorite makeup primer?  Can you stand the feeling of silicone on your skin?

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