28 May 2014

OPI Summer Neons ♥ Swatches and Review

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OPI Summer Neons

We have been asking for them for years, and this year OPI gave us what we wanted… full size neons!  Not only that, but they gave us a special base called Put A Coat On! that does double duty… it’s a base coat AND it’s white which makes your neons to POP! 

I know not everyone likes the idea of putting down a white base when they apply neons, but if you get all the qualities of a base coat at the same time, why not?  Not only that, but the formula on the polishes themselves are so much easier to use.  I feel it’s because the base has something that the neon polishes normally have, and since they didn’t need to add that ingredient to the formula of the colors, the formula is so much easier to work with!  (I know I’m rambling, but does that make sense?)  In other words, the OPI Summer Neons have the best formula of any neons I have ever encountered!

I swatched each of the shades from the OPI Summer Neons collection over two coats of Put A Coat On!  You may be able to get away with just one coat, but as I am struggling with a lot of imperfections in my nails right now, I used two.

OPI Hotter than You PinkOPI Push & Pur-Pull

Hotter Than You Pink – I feel like I say this a lot, but a pink polish has to be something REALLY special for me to wear it.  Let’s just say that when this box arrived, I knew I couldn’t swatch them right away, but wanted to wear one of the shades as a full mani.  Well, Hotter Than You Pink is what I chose!  The bright blue shimmer combined with the hot pink is dazzling.  It looks great without the special base coat too! 

Push & Pur-pull – I’ll just get this out of the way and say that Push & Pur-pull was the worst performing polish in the collection.  It was thin, patchy, and uneven.  It actually took me four coats of polish to get the finish smooth!  That’s why you see the smudge in the picture above – easier to smear when you are wearing too many layers!

It was the only polish in the collection that I had to apply more than two coats.

OPI Life Gave Me LemonsOPI You are So Outta Lime!

Life Gave Me Lemons is a bright yellow with a lot of green in it.  Actually, for my notes I wrote down “brand new tennis ball.”  If you can picture that in your head, then you know what this polish looks like!  The color above is more accurate than the second photo below.

You Are So Outta Lime! is a bright green the color of new grass.  It’s so shiny and happy, you can’t help but love it!

OPI Down to the Core-alOPI Juice Bar Hopping

Down to the Core-al is my second favorite shade in the entire collection.  We all know I am a sucker for corals, especially neon ones!  This shade completely freaked out my camera, so please see the picture below for a more accurate depiction.

Juice Bar Hopping is another shade that freaked out my camera, and I am sorry to say that neither of my pictures are 100% accurate.  It’s a crazy bright, crazy shiny orange that I love and you will just have to see in person!

OPI Down to the Core-alOPI Juice Bar HoppingOPI Life Gave Me LemonsOPI You Are So Outta Lime!OPI Hotter Than You PinkOPI Push & Pur-pull

My picks from the OPI Summer Neons:  Hotter Than You Pink, Down to the Core-al, Life Gave Me Lemons and You Are So Outta Lime!  

Which is your favorite?  Can’t decide?
Don’t worry, OPI gave us the Little Bits of Neon Mini Set too!

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