16 June 2014

Cult Nails Alluring + Nicole by OPI Shaved Nice

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Cult Nails Alluring (with Nicole by OPI Shaved Nice)

I recently picked up the Spring Radiance Collection from Cult Nails when it was on pre-order.   I was immediately drawn to Alluring.  I love shades like this (the green flash gets me every time!) but they never look good on my skin, so I added an accent of Nicole by OPI Shaved Nice. 

Nicole by OPI Shaved Nice over Cult Nails Alluring

Who thinks of these names?  Shaved Nice?  I think it is supposed to be a play on “Shaved Ice.”  I just had to layer it over Alluring… Get it?  Shaved Nice Alluring?  I know, there is definitely something wrong with me!

Shaved Nice is one of the new for Summer shades from Nicole by OPI.  I haven’t seen it in stores yet, but it is available on Amazon.

You can pick up Alluring for $12.00 from the Cult Nails website, or you can pick up the whole Spring Radiance Collection for $36.00.  Radiance makes a beautiful pedi color!  Order through my referral link and receive $12 off your order of $24 when you sign up for a new account!

Hope you are having a great Monday!
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