28 June 2014

Beauty Room Update (AKA My IKEA Collection)

Nothing to Disclose

My Beauty Room

I like to buy things at IKEA.  That’s the understatement of the year!  I LOVE TO BUY THINGS THAT HOLD THINGS.  I LOVE TO BUY FLAT SURFACES THAT I CAN MAKE PILES ON.  From my nail polish to my computer, from all my makeup to all the stuff I receive to review, it all has to fit in this room and it all has to be organized… HA!  I try to be organized, but this room is in a constant state of evolution.

Since I first shared My Beauty Room in this Makeup Wars post, we have made two more trips to IKEA – once in November, one more recently once in Chicago.  I dragged my friend Carleen their on Saturday, and then went BACK there Sunday morning before I drove back to Iowa!  We have also scored lots of random pieces of IKEA furniture on Craig’s List here is Des Moines – some of it new in the box!  (The closest IKEA is over 4 hours away in Minneapolis, people just don’t want to drive there to return it so they sell it online instead.)  And now that the Expedit has been discontinued, we are even more keen to find them on Craig’s List!

With all that being said, let me show you the latest additions to my “IKEA Collection.”  If you would like to see inside any of my storage, check out this Makeup Wars post.  If you would like to see an updated version of that post, let me know in the comments!

Beauty Room Update (AKA My IKEA Collection)
Above is what you see when you first walk in my room.  There is a walk-in closet directly to the left and a bathroom behind me.

Here is another view of my shelving unit from the other direction.  This is actually three separate EXPEDITS.  Two 2x2’s on the bottom, with the irregular shaped unit we got in the “As-Is” room on the top.  The EXPEDIT series as a whole is discontinued, but the irregular shaped unit was still in stock (and is on the website here).  The pink boxes and teal bins are also from IKEA.

IKEA BESTA Desk as vanity with ALEX drawer system
I still use my BESTA desk as my vanity, and it is essentially still in the same place, but I have moved my Short Wide ALEX beneath it, with the castors removed.  I have also removed a lot of items from the top, and removed the rail system above it.  Now the only things on the RIBBA picture shelves are some nail polish and two pictures I took and had printed on canvas wraps.  (Thanks again for the idea, Christine!)

LACK Shelf from IKEA
Another new addition to my room is this LACK shelf.  I can’t tell you how many times I tried to buy this in the past, but the package is so long and it took up way to much room in the car!  I actually wanted white, but when two brand new units appeared on Craig’s List for the price of one, we jumped on it.  I love how light and airy it is - it has completely opened up that corner of my room!  I was able to remove a lot of the clutter from my vanity desk and “artfully” arrange it here. *cough, makeup brushes, cough*  And yes, my pink DOKUMENT garbage can is from IKEA too.

Beauty Room Update (AKA My IKEA Collection)
Here you can see that my nail polish storage units have to pull double duty!  My two Tall ALEX units hold my light studio, and my two HELMERS hold my TV.  I want to buy a third to make the TV appear more balanced… and because I have too much nail polish but can’t comprehend buying a third Tall ALEX.  A third HELMER seems like a good compromise!

The flower decals are called SLATTHULT.  For some time I thought they were discontinued, but it appears I was wrong.  YAY!

RASKOG Kitchen Cart from IKEA
Beside the antique chair that by husband refinished for me is my adorable RASKOG kitchen cart that used to hold nail supplies… it currently holds hair products, lotions and potions in an ANTONIUS basket.  I eventually want to get another one because I really liked having my nail supplies in it.  Although you can’t tell in this lighting, the pillow actually matches perfectly.

MALM Desk from IKEA
An overview of my desk area.  I still have the same MALM desk, but we moved the extension from the right side the left side when we rotated the desk to face the window.

Sadly discontinued FIRA Drawers from IKEA
Let’s all take a moment of silence for my white FIRA drawers.  I used to have three sets of FIRA drawers, in different shapes and sizes.  I had no idea how much I would miss them until they were discontinued in 2010.  For some reason the exact style I have has been brought back as the MOPPE… but they are only available in the UK.  Boo!

IKEA MALM desk - I use the extension as my nail polish stationIKEA MALM desk - I use the extension as my nail polish station
My nail polish “station” is now located on the extension of my MALM desk.  How cute is my chandeller, BTW?  All you need is $3.24 at Target and an awesome husband to hang it up perfectly centered!

The last new addition to my room is a white KALLAX.  As much as I hate them for discontinuing the EXPEDIT, I do like how it looks right here with my acrylic holder on it.  This is where I shove literally stuff the stuff that needs to be reviewed.  I would like to pretend there is a system… but there isn’t!

That’s it!  No more!  Finto! 

But if you do want to see more, check out these posts.  And as always, feel free to ask questions in the comments.  Thanks for visiting My Beauty Room!

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