04 June 2014

Pistol Polish ♥ Fight Your Right and Lock and Load (April 2014)

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Pistol Polish April

There are a lot of monthly subscription services for nail polish available on the interwebz today, but none have sent me a box I like as much as this box from Pistol Polish!
What is a "PISTOL," you ask?... A PISTOL is a refined yet fiery woman. A PISTOL Woman envisions who she wants to become - whatever that may be - and devotes her life to making that vision a reality. PISTOLS are the epitome of cool, and every woman worth her salt wants to be one. Stevie Nicks? PISTOL. Sophia Loren? PISTOL. Cleopatra? PISTOL. Have a mirror? Take a look at the ultimate PISTOL!
Pistol Polish Subscription ServicePistol Polish Lock and Load and Fight For Your Right

First, lets talk about presentation.  The shipping box is simple and plain, yet attention to detail is shown with their stamped log and pretty packing tape.  The bottles themselves are similar in size and shape to Diamond Cosmetics and have their own little pistols attached!

Each month your receive a duo of polishes.  I received Fight For Your Right (yay for the Beastie Boys reference!) and Lock and Load.

Pistol Polish Fight For Your Right (April 2014)Pistol Polish Fight For Your Right

Fight For Your Right – “This ray of light in a bottle is laced with lustrous, gleaming, toasty shimmer.”  The formula was awesome, especially for a yellow.  I wish you could see the pretty pink shimmer in this one!  Think of the pink shimmer in Sinful Cinderella, that’s exactly the kind of magically shimmer in this bright yellow.  You would be hard pressed to find a happier polish!

Pistol Polish Lock and Load (April 2014)Pistol Polish Lock and Load

Lock and Load – “Dove gray – romantic, mysterious, glamorous… the eptimoe of chic.”  I couldn’t agree with that statement more!  I love a good grey polish, and this one is at the top of the charts!  The formula was nice and creamy and the polish wore extremely well.  I wore it threw a hellish weekend at work and it came out looking like a champ!

Pistol Polish Fight For Your Right
Check out that amazing shimmer!

Pistol Polish’s subscription service is $17.99/month.  
Check out last month’s box on Betty’s Beauty Bombs!  I want both those shades!
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