17 June 2014

Static Nails in Get Spotted (They glow in the dark!)

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 Static Nails Get Spotted

One of my favorite things I picked up at The Makeup Show Chicago (click here to see my haul) was Static Nails!  Static Nails are reusable, paintable* and shapable nails.  I picked up two pairs:  Get Spotted and Liquid Metal.

Reusable – These babies are strong, yet extremely flexible.  After you remove them, pop them back in their original container to use again and again!

Paintable – You can apply polish on these, which makes it great for quick changes, or perhaps for swatching an entire collection of nail polish were your own nails are in bad shape!  The only caveat is that you should not paint over ones with matte effects, like the ones I am wearing in this post.  I do plan on testing this theory out when I try out the Liquid Metal set!

Shapeable – Static Nails come in a few shapes – round, square and stiletto, but once you get them on your nails, you can easily file them into any shape you want!   Below, you can see my before and after, where I turned the square nails in the Get Spotted Set into my preferred nail shape.

Static Nails in Get Spotted (They glow in the dark!)Static Nails in Get Spotted (They glow in the dark!)

The Get Spotted Set comes with 24 Glow In The Dark nails in 12 sizes.  They are half black with white polka dots and half white with black polka dots.  I did white with a black accent on my left hand and black with a white accent on my left hand.  Aren't they adorable?  And they glow in the dark too!

Static Nails in Get Spotted (They glow in the dark!)

I know what you are thinking – don’t these damage your nails?  For someone who has naturally strong nails, I am sure they can follow the directions on the package with no problem.  After speaking to Alexis, the CEO of Static Nails, I modified the directions a bit!

Their directions:
How to apply Static Nails #staticnails

What I did different:

I did not buff my nails.  Instead I applied base coat.  I would suggest one to two coats of base coat.  I feel that a matte basecoat would work best.  OPI Nail Envy Matte would be perfect!  I used NailTek Intensive Therapy II, as I am trying to grow out my peelies.  If you use two coats, be sure to let it dry thoroughly BEFORE applying glue. 

UPDATE - A reader name Sarah made this suggestion, and I think it makes more sense than what I did!
*No need to buff your nails for people who don't have oily fingers. From my own personal experience, I wouldn't apply a base coat, it actually ruins the nail I have found because you are forcing a substance (polish) that is not meant to be "pulled" off your nail. Applying the glue to your plain natural nail and removing during a hot shower = perfection and no damage.

I applied one dot of glue close to the base of the nail.  The regular instructions indicate you should apply a strip of glue down your nail AND a strip of glue down the Static Nail, but I didn’t do that for two reasons – I didn’t want them to last a week, and I wanted the glue to stay as far away from my damaged free end as possible! 

Static Nails in Get Spotted before shapingStatic Nails in Get Spotted!

After I applied all 10 nails I went back and filed them to my preferred length and shape.  On the left is what they look like out of the box and on the right is after I shaped them.

After two days of being extremely hard on my hands at work, only two nails had popped off – both thumbs, which tells me I need to use a larger “dot” of glue next time.  (Remember, I did not follow the instructions that indicated applying a strip of glue to both your nail and the Static Nail.)  I was able to easily remove most of them when I got out of the shower.  I did not follow instructions and forced two of them off…. and now I have two more imperfections in my nails to show for it!  So follow the directions for removal!
To maintain, carefully remove by soaking in warm water or nail polish remover for 10 seconds. Gently use fingertip to lift sides of nail to begin removal. Repeat if necessary. Never force removal. Rinse nails in water if acetone was used. Store in original packaging. When ready, apply Static Nails again for the perfect manicure.
Static Nails is offering a secret code now through the end of June for those of you who were not able to attend The Makeup Show!  Just use the code “makeup” at checkout to receive 25% off!
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