25 July 2014

Friday Favorites – What I use to Soak-Off Gel and More!

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Friday Favorites – What I use to soak-off gel and more!

TGIF!  Are you ready for the weekend?  I know I am!  Here are my favorites products that I wanted to share with you this week:

Graham Professional Beauty HandsDown Soak-off Gel Nail Wraps 100 Count • $19.99 - As I mentioned in my last Friday Favorites, I have been using Gelish Foundation and Top It Off as a "base" to help my nails survive Back To School rush at work.  I was using the foil method for removal until I found these nail wraps.  They are super easy to use wraps that are kind of like band-aids for your fingers!  When I wrap them around my fingers, they stick the themselves like gauze, then I dip my fingers in acetone and watch YouTube or Real Housewives for 15 minutes.  When my left hand is done, I reuse the wrap on the same finger on my right hand, so this one box should last me 20 weeks if I remove the gel every Thursday!

Smashbox '24 Hour Photo Finish' Shadow Primer • $20.00 - I received a full size tube of this primer when I attended the Blogger Preview Night at The Makeup Show Chicago, but I didn’t start using it until recently.  I generally don’t like the feel of silicone on my skin, but on my eyes, it works!  The 24 hour claim is no joke – I have an extremely physical job that unfortunately can involve a lot of sweating, but when I come home my eyeshadow looks a great as it did when I left for work in the morning!

Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser • $6.99 - In the summer I sometimes feel like my regular cleanser doesn't get everything out of my pores, so I have been reaching for this once or twice a week!  After I use it, my skin feels soft and super clean, without feeling dry.  I don't know how much longer it will survive in my bathroom, because as soon as my husband saw the tag line "Don't Be Dirty" he thought it should go live in his bathroom!

butter LONDON Cheeky Creme Bronzer in Bit Faker
Butter London Cheeky Creme Bronzer in Bit Faker • $24.00 - This cream bronzer is my current go-to product for contouring!  I love how easy it is to blend, just like the butter LONDON Cheeky blushes are!  There is a reason I named it one of The Best Bronzers Pale Skin!

Roux Anti-Aging Color Protect Shampoo and Conditioner • $9.99 Each - I find myself washing my hair more often now that it's summer, which means I go through a lot more shampoo and conditioner!  And now that I cut several inches off my hair, it dries much faster which means I don't need to rely on My Amazing Blow Dry Secret as much.  Instead I have been reaching for these affordable sulfate free products that are available at Sally Beauty!  It smells just like a shampoo I used when I was in competitive swimming called UltraSwim.  Everytime I smell it I feel like I am 14 again!

Deborah Lippmann 'Recipe for Love' Set ($36 Value) • $29.00 - I'm calling this one a Friday Favorite, even though I already reviewed it for you here!  If you haven't picked it up during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, you still have time!

Did you discover any new favorites this week?
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