21 July 2014

Makeup Wars: My Skin Saviors from Shea Terra Organics

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Makeup Wars My Skin Saviors from Shea Terra Organics

In this week’s edition of Makeup Wars, we are focusing on our favorite Summer Skin Saviors.  I had a large pile of product on my list that I could have talked about today, but when it comes down to it, I have only been reaching for two products since they arrived in my box a few months ago from Shea Terra Organics.  And I have a feeling I won’t just be reaching for them during the Summer, I can see using them year round!

The two products I have been using are the Shea Terra Organics African Aloe Topical Healing Gel (also known as Cape Aloe) and the Shea Terra Organics Argan & Rose Serum of Youth.  Of the two, the Aloe is the real “savior” and the Serum is more of the sidekick.

Shea Terra Organics African Aloe Topical Healing Gel

Off beaten paths, along bumpy, rocky roads in the Cape of South Africa grows the wonderous, succulent plant scientifically known to be the most active aloe in the world. Kept under the watchful eyes as a protected species, the outer leaves of this wonder plant are harvested to extract the healing jelly within. Made up of over 130 active chemicals, Cape Aloe's amazing healing properties is due to its high saponin, sterol, vitamin, mineral and amino acid content just to name a few. Once applied to skin Cape Aloe immediately goes to work to help cells build a protective barrier and aid them with the nutrients that they need to repair skin at an amazingly accelerated rate.
Not only does Cape Aloe work miracles on burns, damaged skin and shaving wounds, but it also acts as a firming toner, hydrator and moisturizing agent. Use on face and legs after shaving, apply before using facial moisturizer, or even apply to cuticles to repair damaged skin. The long list of uses is endless.

Shea Terra Organics Argan & Rose Serum of Youth

Precious drops from some of the world’s most coveted anti-aging ingredients nourish lack-luster skin with essential fatty acids, natural squalene and vitamins. Aging skin losses its production of essential fatty acids and squalene resulting in loss of collagen and dehydrated skin causing sagging and wrinkles. Just a few drops of Argan & Rose Serum of Youth, containing Moroccan argan, South African rose hips and primrose oils, provides vital nutrients to aging cells producing skin that is moister and more youthful looking. Rubiginosa rose hips oil and seabuckthorn oil work synergistically to repair and regenerate skin so you look more beautiful than ever before.

Cape Aloe Topical Healing Gel and Argan & Rose Serum of Youth

I haven’t used any products from Shea Terra before.  I will 100% admit that it took me some time to get over the “herbal” smell, but when I realized how well the Topical Healing Gel worked on my sunburn AND razor burn, I decided smell wasn’t so important.  I have even used it on my face!  Not only does it provide moisture, it seemed to help with the small breakouts I get once a month.  After I apply the Cape Aloe Topical Healing Gel, I add a layer of the Argan & Rose Serum of Youth and I am set for the day!  On days when I don’t apply the Topical Healing Gel, I still find myself reaching for the Serum of Youth as an eye treatment.  It works wonders on the thin, dry skin under my eyes!

Have you tried anything from Shea Terra Organics?  I really want to try some of their Body Butters and Lip Pomades!  Don't forget to check out more Skin Saviors below!

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