17 July 2014

Throwback Thursday - Dior Marine Blueberry

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Dior Marine Blueberry Dior Marine Blueberry bottle shotDior Marine Blueberry

My trip down the rabbit hole of vintage Dior continues with Dior Marine Blueberry.  As soon as I posted Sparkling Blueberry, I knew I couldn’t buy just one.  And that is how Marine Blueberry came home with me.  It is in a smaller bottle than Sparkling Blueberry, but that doesn’t mean I love it any less!  The formula was, again, strangely perfect for a polish so old - there was a reason they used all those chemicals!

As an aside, I know that the polish probably wasn’t referred to as Marine Blueberry.  Dior always lists the French name first, and the English name second.  So this polish was most likely just referred to as “Blueberry.”  But I don’t get how Marine = Blueberry.  Marine as a color would translate as Navy, right?  And I checked, the French for Blueberry is Blueberry.  So I am going to just keep calling it Marine Blueberry and call it a day!

As before, I purchased this shade off eBay at the recommendation of Kaz.  Imagine my surprise when I searched the Pretty Random archives for another vintage Dior shade to buy and didn’t find one!  Kaz, I had to pick my next polish out all on my own… and I picked Dior Vinyl Blue.  Here’s hoping I did good!  I’ll let you know in about two weeks.

Have you found any great vintage polish lately?
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