21 July 2014

You Can Never Have Too Many…

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Oversized plastic sunglasses. Am I right, or Am I right? While I lust over the expensive brands below, I know I can neither afford them or take care of them. I toss my sunglasses into my bag as if they were made of Adamantium. For that reason, most of my sunglasses come from LOFT or the Ann Taylor Factory Outlet. I even buy multiples of the same pair, because I know I don't take care of them.  I am trying to break myself of that habit!

While I don’t have the budget for these, I still like to “window shop.”  Here are the sunglasses I am drooling over right now... and one pair I can actually afford, though they are over my normal $20 threshold!
Which pair are you drooling over?
You can never have too many... sunglasses You can never have too many... sunglassesYou can never have too many... sunglasses
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