18 August 2014

China Glaze The Giver ♥ Swatches and Review

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China Glaze The Giver Collection
Happy Monday!  I hope you had a great weekend.  I did, though I had a rather sleepless night last night – insomnia strikes again!  Today I have The Giver collection from China Glaze to share with you.  It is comprised of 10 crèmes and two glitters.  Most of the collection is filled with the muted shades you see if you were a member of the society The Giver is based upon, so if you are a fan of muted crèmes, than this is the collection for you!  There are some great pops of color and some interesting glitters as well!

I am going to do the opposite of what I would normally do and start with the browns!  Why?  Because I am so excited to share this glitter with you!

China Glaze Community (The Giver Collection)China Glaze Boundary of Memory over Community (The Giver Collection)

Community is an interesting brown with a  lot of red in it.  I am not normally drawn to browns, but there is something different about this one that intrigues me.  Two coats.

Boundary of Memory is a stunning mixture of silver, gold and brown glitter in a clear base.  Here I have applied one coat of Boundary of Memory over Community.  I just love how it turned out!  Although the glitter is fine, it really glows!

China Glaze Intelligence, Integrity & Courage (The Giver Collection)China Glaze Five Rules (The Giver Collection)

Intelligence, Integrity & Courage is a smooth, dove grey crème that covers in just one coat!  Very pretty.

Five Rules is a flattering light putty shade.  Two coats.

China Glaze Seeing Red (The Giver Collection)China Glaze History of the World (The Giver Collection)

Seeing Red is a ruby-toned red that covers completely in just one coat.  In the book, red is the first color that Jonah sees after learning that his world is not what it appears (though I have heard red is not the first color he sees in the movie). 

History of the World is a gorgeous muted navy.  Love this one!  I thought it was going to be very similar to China Glaze Queen B, but when I swatched the two together, Queen B is much brighter and less muted.

China Glaze Capacity To See Beyond (The Giver Collection)China Glaze The Outer Edge over Capacity To See Beyond (The Giver Collection)

Capacity to See Beyond is a fun, bright cyan shade.  I love this color, though we have definitely seen it before.  The formula on this one was different than the other crèmes.  The first coat went on thin and streaky, but leveled out completely after the second.

The Outer Edge is a textured silver and white matte glitter.  I was not expecting it to be textured, but when I wore it with just one layer of top coat I could still feel the texture.  Although I didn’t like the way it felt, I loved the way it looked – exactly like a snow globe after you shake it.

China Glaze Givers Theme (The Giver Collection)China Glaze Release (The Giver Collection)

Givers Theme (why isn’t it Giver’s Theme?) is a gorgeous, saturated red-toned purple.  This reminds me of the bicycle I received for my 12th birthday.  The shade was called Electric Plum!  Two coats.

Release is a grey-purple-beige crème.  I love shades like this.  It reminds me of some vintage China Glaze shades, though I couldn’t find an exact dupe.  Two coats.

China Glaze New Birth (The Giver Collection)China Glaze Friends Forever, Right? (The Giver Collection)

New Birth is a very light pale blue with a lot of white in it.  For such a light shade, the formula was incredibly easy to work with, which I wasn’t expecting.  Two coats.

Friends Forever, Right? is the pink version of New Birth.  Again, the formula was better than expected for such a light shade.  Two coats.

My top picks from this collection are Boundary of Memory, History of the World, Capacity To See Beyond, Givers Theme, Release and New Birth – in other words, more than half of the collection!  If I had to pick just one it would be Boundary of Memory, hands down.

China Glaze The Giver is available now at ULTA and Sally Beauty (though it is currently out of stock online).  This collection is Limited Edition.  Which shades will you be picking up?
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