06 August 2014

Get Kiss-y Soft with Gillette Fusion Proglide!

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Gillette Smooth Summer Face #smoothsummer #cbias #shop

Do you have a special time of the week you set aside for your significant other?  We only get to spend a small part of the week together and there is nothing, and I mean NOTHING, that gets in the way of our together time more than beard stubble!  Believe me, the one thing your husband doesn’t want to hear come out of your mouth when he is trying to kiss you is “ouch!”  Come on, ladies, you know what I mean!  Stubble hurts, and not only does it hurt it can cause tiny little breakouts on my face around my mouth.  And that’s not pretty!  After being married for over 10 years, my husband has (finally) figured out that when it’s our time to spend together he needs to be clean shaven!  He calls it “being kiss-y soft.”  That’s where the newest Gillette Fusion Proglide comes in!

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It didn't used to be so hard for us to find time to spend together.  My husband and I used to both work retail, and he was able to adapt his hours exactly to mine so that we worked the same shifts, thus had the same days (and nights) off.  Now he has a completely new job and he works Monday through Friday and is off every weekend.  My days off are Sunday and Thursday, and I close on Wednesday nights.  My Monday nights are spent working on the blog… which often takes up all of Tuesday night as well.  I spend most of my day on Thursday working on the blog too, which means the only real time we get to spend together is Saturday nights and Sundays.

Gillette Smooth Summer Face #smoothsummer #cbias #shopIMG_0973

When I told my husband we were headed to Walmart to pick up the new Gillette Fusion Proglide Flexball , he was intrigued.  He has used Gillette razors ever since I have known him, but he is resistant to change.  He always needs a little prodding to pick up the latest and greatest!

Gillette Smooth Summer Face #smoothsummer #cbias #shop

Dan and I both noticed a difference when he switched from his old Mach V to the new Flexball.  The razor was designed to make maximum contact with the skin for fewer missed hairs.  For Dan, he noticed the most difference on his neck, especially in the hard to reach area around his Adam’s Apple.  The results of the shave were much, much smoother – or as my husband would say, much more kissy-soft!  For me, the biggest difference was how long his skin stayed smooth.  If he shaved before our Date Night on Saturday, he used to wake up with stubble.  Not anymore!  Now in the morning he is still kissy-soft!

Before Gillette Fusion Proglide #smoothsummer #cbias #shopAfter Gillette Fusion Proglide #smoothsummer #cbias #shop

With so much going on during the week for both of us, it can be hard to wind down and really connection in the small amount of time together we see each other at night during the week.  That’s why those hours of consecutive time we get to spend together on Saturday night and Sunday are important to our relationship.  There is nothing better than having a fabulous date night on Saturday (whether than means dinner and a movie or pizza and Netfilx) and waking up together on Sunday mornings, especially now with his smooth “kissy-soft” skin thanks to Gillette Fusion Proglide!

Does your man have "kiss-y soft" skin?
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This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.