24 September 2014

The Lacquer Cabinet by Nailtini (August 2014)

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The Lacquer Cabinet by Nailtini (August 2014)

Are you familiar with Nailtini?  It’s a brand that’s been around since 2003! Each polish is named after a drink, which is totally cute.  I’ve never tried the brand until now, mostly because I dislike polishes bottles that are shaped this way.  However, when they offered to send me their monthly subscription box that was curated by Nail It I knew I had to try it!

The Lacquer Cabinet is Nailtini’s monthly subscription box.  At $25.00/month, you receive three polishes plus two empty mini bottles for you to try your own hand at lacquer mixology!  Each monthly limited-edition lacquer collection is curated by top nail and beauty experts.

Nailtini Blue MagicNailtini Accomplice over Blue Magic

I had a hard time with the first polish I tried, Blue Magic.  Blue Magic is a stunning cobalt blue.  The formula was thick and goopy, which is not unheard of with cobalt blue polishes.  I can normally look past the formula when a polish is this awesome, but the brush compounded the issue.  It’s long, thin, and floppy, which makes the polish hard to control and lead to me getting polish all over my cuticles (I did a lot of clean up).  I had to use three coats to get it completely even.

The next day I layered Accomplice over Blue Magic.  Accomplice is described as a beetle-like topper that fires blue to purple, green to copper.  Now this is what I am talking about!  I had no trouble with the formula, which meant I had less trouble with the brush.  I love, love, love layering polishes like this.  There are so many colors I want to layer this over!

Overall, I’m not sure how I feel about these polishes.  I dislike the brush, and the formula on one out of two polishes was horrible, but the second was pretty awesome.  I also love the idea behind the subscription box.  The theme is cute and I love that you can purchase past boxes

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